How to Maintain a Septic Tank in Good Working Condition



A sewage treatment plant is needed for an area that does not have a public sewer. Liquid effluents of a home drain in the septic tank. The modern technology has made it possible to operate the septic tank efficiently.

Take the appropriate steps to ensure that the tank is in good shape. In case of the tank’s leaks, there can be contamination of soil and water around the tank. In this article insights are provided on how to ensure that proper care is taken.

The safety of the tank should be guaranteed. You should not have trees near the septic. The tank can be easily damaged by the roots of a tree. Avoid operating machinery that can vibrate or move over the tank thereby causing damage. Having a structure at the top of the septic tank can interfere with its proper maintenance. You can check to know more about these such services.

The septic tank should not be turned into a garbage pit. Ensure that you do not put anything that can block the sewerage system. Some of the things you put into the tank are non-biodegradable. The materials can affect the proper functioning of the sewerage treatment plant. You should never allow large food particles to enter the sewerage treatment plant in order to ensure there is quick and easy breakdown of effluent liquids by the natural bacteria. This is the bacteria which break down organic waste. The treatment ensures that the waste do not become a health hazard to the environment. Ensure that the waste water treatment plant is not hampered by items that are not friendly to the proper functioning of the microorganisms. Never put drain fatty substances into the septic. Grease usually affects the ability of soil to absorb the waste.

Be on the kind of detergents that are put into the sewerage treatment plant. This is because they destroy the microorganisms which break down waste. Avoid pouring toxic chemicals into the septic.

Do everything possible to minimize water getting into the septic. You should ensure that minimal amount of water runs into the septic tank during a shower. The water dispensed when flushing the bathroom should be minimal. Rain water can be disastrous to the septic tank. You should ensure that gutters are not clogged and that they drain water away from the septic tank. Check this video about septic services:

Ensure that the pipes taking wastewater into the septic tank are in excellent condition.

You should periodically engage an expert to check the sludge in the septic tank. Do not do it by yourself if you are not trained to do it as it may have very bad repercussions. There is a rod that is inserted inside which helps to determine the level of scum. He will also do the visual check. The expert like Proseptic usually checks, and advice the owner of the house when pumping should be done.